What's the purpose of the book?
To be the definitive guide on IT Channel Sales Management in Asia.
Who should read this book? 
The staff of any IT Vendor selling their products or services through Channel Partners; also any Channel Partner professional who wants to learn how better leverage their relationship with their Vendors.
What's covered in the book? 
12 chapters covering all elements of why have a channels sales and support model: Channel Partner types and how they make money, designing Channel Partner programmes, financial models, education, technical services, designing a channels go-to-market model, cultural diversity in Asia, and how to structure an effective sales organisation.
Does the book look forwards at technology and channel business trends? 
Yes, the final chapter explores technical changes happening in the IT industry and the impact this will have on the future business models of the Channel Partners. This includes big data, cloud, mobility, and service models.
How much does the book cost? 
The price for "If you want loyalty -- buy a dog" is US$125, but as we've just launched the book we have a 20% introductory offer so you can order online today for US$100. The book includes over 320 pages of text, diagrammes, tables and examples. There's also training available on each of the topics covered by the book available to both Vendors and Channel Partners -- please contact us on admin@rishk.net for more details.


If you're an IT Vendor selling your products and services through Channel Partners, this book is all you want to know about how structure your channel model. Likewise, if you're a Channel Partner and want to know how to best leverage your Vendors - this book is a must!

Twelve, well-illustrated chapters covering all aspects of IT Channel Management, from profit models, partner programmes, technical services, channels marketing and sales, and an insightful view of how the Channel Partners will evolve in the future - and how Vendors and Channel Partners must adapt.