Founded in 2009, RIS is the foremost authority on I.T. channels within Asia-Pacific.  Our mission to be the most knowledgeable, the best, and the authority on I.T. channels management in Asia -- Pacific.  To sell that service to I.T. principals wanting to expand in Asia and to channel partners looking for principals to represent!

Formed by a team of experienced channel sales professionals -- dedicated to understanding the nature of information-technology channel sales models across the Asia-Pacific markets.  
All I.T. vendors, consultants, analysts, etc. are recommended to use the services of RIS whether to plan their channels strategy, define the optimal go-to-market, qualify the right partners, or simply consider their competitors channels.
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  • Gary Kinsley, Managing Director

    Following 20 years in senior Asia Pacific channels management roles with Juniper, IBM, Tivoli, Bay Networks and SCO, Gary believed there was a need for an independent Channel Partner profiling service, in order to assist I.T. vendors understand the channels landscape in each of the respective countries in Asia. And so RIS was created to provide exactly that service to I.T. vendors across APAC.  Gary is based in Hong Kong, and as a logistically central location, RIS Limited was registered in Hong Kong also.

  • Mark Williams, Chief Technology Officer

    A 25-year IT industry veteran, Mark has spent the past 14 years working in product marketing, business development and strategic alliance management roles across Asia Pacific, most recently for Juniper Networks and Nortel.  Mark is passionate about channel development and strengthening the last vital link in the chain between the product designer and the end user. Most recently he has been spending his time developing strategies and materials to win partners' hearts, minds and wallets and then to arm them with the right tools to engage successfully with customers.

  • Alan Knowles, System Developer

    A programming specialist experienced in managing an QA controlling projects as well as Director of the professional I.T. consultancy Roo J Solutions Ltd which focuses on Software development in Linux, Javascript, PHP,  Gnome and SQL.  He is a contributor to the PHP project and was a member of the PEAR group.

  • Irfan Khan, Marketing Research Manager - APAC

    Irfan joined RIS in Feb 2012, moving to Hong Kong from Jammu and Kashmir, India, and previously in Delhi working for a risk management and salary survey consulting company. Irfan speaks Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Dogri, Kashmiri, Bahari and English. "The growth in India is tremendous with many opportunities to grow, - with the right skill-set" said Irfan. "It's very useful to have the right contacts in India, as knowledge of the right people is key because it's a developing economy, and so the information systems are not necessarily in-place -- this is why RIS is able to offer such a valuable service in India, and I'm excited to be a part of this service, and contributing to the growth of India!
  • Fanny Siu, Client Project Manager 

    Over 20 years of solid experience in customer services management, Fanny specialize in research work and relationship building with partners from different business sectors -- include but not limited to banking, healthcare, telecommunications, testing laboratory and etc.  A core member to lead the research team in order to achieve comprehensive channel profiles as well as up-to-date industry news.